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Cookies Policy Act
The recent legislative amendment on advertising and management of consent to the use of cookies, pixels or other storage elements involves the obligation to websites to adapt to the new rules on cookies of Law 34/2002, the information society and electronic commerce.

Downloading this type of elements, involve the ability to collect information from user activity and has implications regarding your privacy. Therefore, the new law imposes the obligation to obtain informed user to accept the use of cookies on websites consent.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small files that are downloaded to your computer when you browse websites.

Cookies allow a website to recognize a user’s browser and do not contain or collect information. They are used, for example, to maintain an authenticated user in an account as above without the need to authenticate each time you access your account. Another example is advertising where ads based on user has visited previously, will try to provide more relevant ads.

In the following types of cookies are used:

Performance Cookies: cookies are strictly necessary. Allow user interaction with the website using all its functions.

Cookies functional characteristics of the Joomla technology used on this website (more information).

Cookies to inform policy cookies, own the plugin (more information) for Joomla EUCookieDirectiveLite.

Marketing Cookies: Cookies are used for statistical analysis and improve the website experience. By using these cookies can display more relevant information to visitors.

Table with cookies used on this site:
Ownership Cookie Expiration Purpose
Plugin law cookieAcceptanceCookie cookies have an expiration period of 30 years Local Cookie. This cookie is generated by the plugin warning cookies by pressing the “OK” button, this way the message should not appear every time the user enters the page once it has already accepted the cookies. It is a persistent cookie type.
Google Analytics __utma has a shelf life of 2 years. It is necessary for the operation of Google Analytics.
__utmb is automatically deleted when you switch or close the web browser. This cookie records the time of arrival to the site and expires 30 minutes after the last record page view.
__utmc is deleted at logoff. It is used along with the cookie _utmb to determine if after more than 30 minutes on the same page.
__utmz expires at 6 months. It is used for the location of the visit, ie, from where and how the user has come to our website.
__ga has a shelf life of 2 years. Enable the control function unique visitors. The first time a user logs on to the Web site Cocinavar through a browser this cookie will be installed. When this user reenters our page with the same browser, the cookie deemed to be the same user. Only if the user changes browser, Google Analytics will consider another user.
Joomla c126ee82f2fc67ad5e3e9baf528d298e is deleted at logoff. A cookie with many characters arranged randomly is a security cookie CMS Joomla. The information contained therein is completely random. They are sitting.
a61c53e9dea3102d8684d1333bbdfb1f is deleted at logoff.

The goal is to collect statistics: the number of visits, the consultation period, the browser used to access the web site, the keywords used, the global location of the visitor, content visited on the website as well as other traffic parameters on the website, always anonymously.

Google stores this information collected by cookies so that does not identify any user. Neither your IP address is associated with any other information you have. In addition, Google Inc is a company that is adhered to the Safe Harbor Agreement. This agreement ensures that data transferred will be treated according to the levels of protection of European regulations. For more information about Google Analytics can go to the following link.

How to disable cookies?

All browsers allow you to disable cookies settings. These settings are located in the “Options” or “Preferences” menu of your browser.

However, remember that disabling cookies means losing out on many websites